Patient Stories

On March 3rd, 2015, Mark was injured in a serious car accident.  A rescue squad took him to the nearest Emergency Room, where after Ex-rays, and a C-T scan, it was discovered he had suffered a chest injury, and a severe right shoulder injury which required 6 months of rigorous physical therapy.

From March 4th, 2015 to the present day, Brock Hughes Medical Center has cared for Mark both physically and emotionally.  Mark suffers from PTSD, and depression from the accident.  He had a suicidal bout and still has nightmares, reliving the wreck.

Through it all, he is thankful, and very appreciative of everything that Brock Hughes MEdical Center does for him.  He says quite honestly, and proudly, without Venessa Coake, and Theresa Norman, he would not be with us today!!!  — Mark’s story